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If you opened this webpage, this means you’ve experienced the impact of RUSSISM on your life. You’re ready to do something about it, yet, you don’t know how. Join our online resistance! We’re collecting great action ideas on this Trello board, structure and organize them, and provide instructions for you to follow. We don’t require any advanced tech skills for this, just your Internet connection and desire to kick some ass!

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Our Organization’s Website – Stop Russism

What is Russism?

Stop Russism

Russism (the combination of words “Russia, Russian” and Italian fascismo (fascism)—the unofficial term for the political ideology and set of social practices of the Russian ruling regime in the early 21st century (Wiki).

Russism’s core ideas:

  • “Special civilizational mission” of the Russian nation
  • Russian supremacy over other cultures and states
  • Disrespect toward human rights
  • Using oil and natural gas as leverage when manipulating European states
  • Heavy use of religion and spread of propaganda to influence world politics

How can you help stopping RUSSISM?

If you’re not in the military, this doesn’t mean you’re helpless. On the contrary! Each day, pick a task of your choice from this board and make small steps toward our GREAT VICTORY.

Share your achievements on social media, add the hashtag #stop_russism and the link to our Telegram channel. Have any ideas on how to give russism hell? Write them in the comments—we will monitor and analyze them and then add them to the board.

STOP RUSSISM! Glory to Ukraine!

We’re proud of your efforts

Hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine and worldwide are attacking Russian online media and IT infrastructure. Here’s a list of what we’re already doing and what can be done:

  • Fundraising for the Ukrainian Army
  • Spreading factually correct information about the war among Russian
    • Adding comments to __ russist media and __ influencers
    • Launching an educational ad campaign targeted toward Russian people about Russia starting the war against Ukraine and calling for protests against the regime
  • Reporting 28 russist Telegram channels for violence and terrorism promotion
  • Banning and reporting russist agents spreading propaganda
  • Joining the DDoS attacks of the ddosRussians initiative
  • Collecting information on who helps Ukrainians and the nature of their help (also on the board)
  • Turn this into your checklist!

What’s Ukraine doing against russism?

Ukrainian politicians, diplomatic services, and the military are doing their best to discredit russism and tackle its influence.

  • Cyprus and Germany no longer oppose excluding Russia from SWIFT. Hungary is considering this right now
  • Russia was banned from the European Council and the PACE
  • Negotiated impactful sanctions against Russia that will isolate it and stunt its development
  • Within a couple of days, Russian military losses are coming close to those experienced in Afghanistan (the war that lasted nearly a decade)
  • Ukraine is getting military and financial aid to boost its combat response across the country
  • And these are just some of the achievements.
  • Who and what are our enemies

    Here, we’ll be gathering all the filth and informational junk russists are spreading with all sources included. Feel free to block, ban, report, and spam. Give ‘em hell!

    Baskov and Dovlatova, go fuck yourself

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Kandelaki, go fuck yourself

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Everyone, keep fighting!

    Complete the tasks from the board, share it with your friends, and be the inspiration to the rest of our online resistance.

    STOP RUSSISM TOGETHER! Glory to Ukraine!

    List of russist websites


    Choosing Asian Wedding brides For Marital life

    When it comes to finding a suitable star of the wedding for relationship, it can be challenging to choose the right an individual. While most of them are enthusiastic about finding a foreign husband, many are not considering settling pertaining to an American man. For these couples, it is important to bear in mind the ethnic differences in the countries of origin as well as the schools of thought. Nonetheless, this does not show that you should not consider Asian women with respect to marriage. Gps device whether you are comfortable with a western lifestyle.

    Asian all mail order birdes-to-be tend to become very traditional. Many are upholding their spouse and children values and persuits. These are superb things to consider if you are searching for an Asian woman for relationship. While many American children are also busy with school and work to consider the traditions of their father and mother, you should make sure you’re not one. You can’t make a mistake with a bride-to-be from a great Asian mail order service.

    When it comes to Hard anodized cookware brides, be patient. They are usually difficult to acquire. However , when you persist, you can expect to almost certainly find a amazing woman who all can be willing to get married to you. Whether or not she diminishes your earliest approach, typically give up. Chances are she’ll always be warming up to you and your marriage. If the girl doesn’t seem too serious, you can try once again later. You can always try your chance again.

    The Asian mail order brides are known to be extremely traditional. The majority of them follow the traditions of their families. In contrast, Travelers tend to always be modern and don’t have the time for you to follow these kinds of values. Should you be looking for a traditional bride, if you’re in chance. These women of all ages are well-informed and intensely disciplined, making them a great choice for any foreign man. The majority of are also psychologically reserved asian mail order brides and just isn’t going to judge you.

    When it comes to selecting an Asian bride, you must remember that your woman isn’t a simple girl to date. You’ll need to captivate romantic area to acquire her. Minus the emotional energy, you need to try to find someone which has a more traditional character. This will ensure that she’s a great choice for marital relationship. You’ll be able to contain a happy and fulfilling marriage with an Cookware bride.

    The attitude of the Asian new bride is very important. Contrary to Western women, the Hard anodized cookware brides you meet are usually very conservative. They are often conventional and shy. You might want to consider the stylish woman who is more lenient with her feelings. You should also remember that the local women of all ages in your area own very high anticipations of their long term future husbands. The Asian women of all ages you’re taking into consideration should be self-employed and enjoying. Besides, they should include a good spontaneity.


    The Pros of Online Dating Outweigh the Cons

    The biggest benefit of online dating is the fact it can be done via anywhere in the world. This means that you may meet people from different parts of the world. You can also meet different types of persons, regardless of your region. The downside of online dating is that you’ll have to be based upon luck, and you will only obtain lucky if you’re lucky enough to find somebody you like. However the advantages of online dating are really worth the aggrevations.

    You can surf profiles devoid of giving away personal details. This means you can spend hours looking at profiles while not uncovering your name. You’ll also contain peace of mind realizing that your messages will not be sent out without the permission. An individual worry about unsolicited mail because the personal privacy of your sensitive information is retained by the online dating service. So , if you’re interested in someone or perhaps looking for a partner, you can you can be confident that the pros of internet dating outweigh the cons.

    Not like offline internet dating, online dating is more convenient and accessible. You can choose to connect with a person who shares the same pursuits as you. If you don’t want to go on a date, you are able to chat online and avoid clumsy situations. But once you’re shy or perhaps don’t know what you’re looking for, possibly have a difficult experience meeting someone online. Which is where online dating services comes in useful.

    Another advantage of online dating is that that enables you to meet new people from around the globe. There’s no have to limit you to ultimately local people. It’s the best option for those living in distant areas. However , it may not be suitable for all. You might not have the ability to meet somebody who lives in a similar city because you. So , you need to decide beforehand what you are looking for in a day.

    One of the main potential benefits to online dating is the fact it can be extremely convenient. While you can get in touch with people by all over the world, an individual spend a fortune over a fancy date. Without having invasive activities, you can meet up with someone right from a different culture. This will make online dating an outstanding choice if you are shy. There are many other features of using an online dating website, but one or two are well worth noting.

    In contrast to traditional dating, online dating services allows you to take control over your connections. You can control the pace and dynamics of your romantic relationship. It’s also easier to find the right partner than a traditional one. In addition , you can match more persons in a shorter amount of time. Plus the best part is the fact it is far more convenient than the ancient way. The huge benefits of using online dating sites are many. And, there are also a couple of drawbacks of your process.

    Online dating services opens up new possibilities for people from unique cultures. You are able to meet people from across the world without worrying about being judged by others. Moreover, you’ll be able to interact with more persons than you ever could through a traditional dating service. Nevertheless there are also several disadvantages to online dating. While you’ll be able to meet more people from different backgrounds, you may finish up meeting fewer people in real life.

    One of many benefits of online dating services are it is increased usage of people. It could convenient designed for busy persons. Unlike typical seeing, it can also enhance the number of successful dates. Nevertheless it’s not really ideal for everybody. If you’re self conscious or can’t say for sure what you’re trying to find, you may have trouble getting the proper person through online dating. There are some cons to be familiar with, however. The pros of this particular type of seeing include:

    Will possibly not be able to understand the person you’re meeting on the web. While you’re able to share your email address and also other personal information with other persons, you might not have the ability to tell when you are compatible with an individual on an online dating service. If you will be shy, you might want to avoid internet dating. It’s important to be honest with your prospective partner and make sure they’re not just a fraud.


    СТОП РАШИЗМ! Разом ми зможемо це зупинити

    Якщо ви потрапили на цю сторінку, то відчули РАШИЗМ на собі, не поділяєте цієї ідеології та готові з нею боротися. Але, можливо, поки що не знаєте, як само. Долучайтесь до нашого онлайн-супротиву! Ми збираємо дієві ідеї на Trelo дошку, валідуємо їх, структуруємо за типом дій та прописуємо інструкції, що саме та як робити. Для цього не обов’язкові технічні знання, достатньо лише доступу до інтернету і здорової злості. Ну що, погнали?

    Сайт Нашої Організації – Stop Russism

    Що таке РАШИЗМ?

    Stop Russism

    Раши́зм (від англ. «Russia, Russian», — вимовляється раша,— та італ. «fascismo» — фашизм, від якого взято закінчення -изм) — неофіційна назва політичної ідеології та соціальної практики владного режиму Росії початку XXI ст. (Вікіпедія).

    Головні ідеї рашизму:

    • “особлива цивілізаційна місія” росіян
    • верховенство російського народу над “меншовартими” країнами
    • зневага до фундаментальних людських прав
    • шантаж європейських країн доступом до енергоносіїв
    • використання православ’я та потужної пропаганди для впливу на світову політику

    Як ви можете допомогти зупинити РАШИЗМ?

    Якщо ви не стоїте з рушницею, це не значить, що ви нічого не можете зробити. Навпаки! Щодня обирайте собі справи до душі із запропонованих на цій дошці та мерщій робити маленькі кроки до нашої ВЕЛИКОЇ ПЕРЕМОГИ.

    Поширюйте свої результати в соцмережах з хештегом #stop_russism, посиланням на цю статтю та наш телеграм канал, діліться своїми ідеями щодо боротьби з рашизмом в коментарях — ми будемо пропрацьовувати всі ваші ідеї та додавати їх на дошку. СТОП РАШИЗМ! Слава Україні!

    Котики, ми вами пишаємося

    Сотні тисяч мешканців України та закордонних країн ведуть атаку на рашистський інформаційний простір та владові структури. Ось що вже робиться, і що можна ще зробити:

    • Продовжуємо збори коштів на підтримку української армії.
    • Поширюємо правдиву інформацію серед рашістів
      • Наразі додані коментарі до __ рашістських ЗМІ та __ лідерів думок
      • Запущена рекламна кампанія з інформуванням населення РФ про те, що Росія розпочала війну в Україні, та закликом російського населення до протестів
    • Продовжуємо писати репорти на 28 рашістських телеграм каналів.
    • Додаємо в бан рашістських сволот, поширюючих неправдиву рашістську інформацію.
    • Допомагаємо в DDoSатаках відважним ddos котикам
    • Запустили збір інформації про те, хто й як допомагає українцям (теж на дошці). Користуйтесь, будь ласка.

    Що Україна вже зробила проти рашизму

    Українські політики, дипломати і військові віддано борються з рашизмом та роблять усе для його дискредитації та знищення.

    • Посприяли в підтримці Кипру заборони SWIFT платежів у Росії. На черзі Угорщина та Німеччина.
    • Домоглися виключення Росії з Ради Європи та ПАРЄ.
    • Посприяли прийняттю агресивних санкцій, які ізолюють Росію та відкотять її розвиток на десятиліття назад
    • За кілька днів завдали рашистам військових утрат, які скоро перевищать афганські (а війна в Афганістані тривала майже 10 років)
    • Залучили військову і економічну допомогу для ще більш пекельного вогню в бік російських окупантів
    • Далі буде тільки цікавіше!

    З ким та чим ми боремося

    Тут будемо збирати все те гівно, яким рашисти оперують як правдою (із посиланням на спростування з офіційного джерела). Не соромтеся блокувати, репортити і спамити, покажіть їм цифрове пекло.

    Басков та Довлатова, йдіть на х*й

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Каделакі, йдіть на х*й

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Stop Russism

    Хлопчиська й дівчатка, не зупиняймося!

    Робіть добрі справи з дошки, діліться дошкою з друзями та надихайте нашу диванну армію на ще більший вплив на ситуацію. ЗУПИНИМО РАШИЗМ РАЗОМ! Слава Україні!

    Сайти рашистів:


    Asiandate On-line

    They have a focused opening display screen for Asians, detailing the advantages the location presents exclusively for the kids. Naturally, the positioning has got a worldwide member base, however serp’s could be refined by applying the proper filtration.

    • When it comes to creating wealth, these young ladies will do their best to climb the occupation ladder when quick when attainable.
    • Many people suppose that every one Asians look precisely the same, but they do not.
    • When you participate AsiaFriendFinder, then you can definitely take advantage of many options that make it much easier to attach with other members.
    • Take into account, although, that non-native British audio system would possibly battle with this kind of as a outcome of phrases may be and so regional and colloquial; seethis listing of prevalent idiomsif you happen to be struggling.
    • Mailing actual things can show expensive and is due to this fact beneficial after you’ve interacted with a woman and attained to know her higher.
    • In addition , users may report any faux profile if they will arrive throughout one, and AsianDate can instantly remove it.

    I’m a British-American journalist, a former the airwaves DJ plus the founder of Leo Sigh. I’m on top of that an fanatical gamer, manga reader and anime abuser.

    On-line Dating Inspiration

    Threesomes, sex at the seashore, swingers, and different polygamous marriage activities are nearly wonderful within the Cookware courting landscape. Do not be reluctant to trigger contact and, later on, look for a real-life date. There is a constant know in the event that an individual prefers you or perhaps if there’s chemistry between you if you do not produce contact. Completed profiles charm to even more consideration because they offer extra information to the possible dates. It that way, you’re here elevating the probabilities of truly finding and catching a great eye set of an individual who’s seduced by your qualities. Make certain to behave in the correct method required by particular internet site you’re about.

    Presenting Asiandate

    AsiaFriendFinder. com is a superb Cookware dating web site for people who happen to be in search of a serious, long haul relationship or a meaningful camaraderie. If you are planning to provide a dating website your bank card number, then you want to verify for symptoms of total security and security. A great SSL seal is mostly a should for almost any professional paid courting web page. SSL protects you out of hackers and retains your transactions safeguarded and safeguarded.

    Kian Bruen aims to offer seriously working items of advice about internet dating and marriage. With over 7 years of matchmaking and teaching expertise, he’s conscious of how you can help you! He’s married to a international woman, so he is definitely sharing an expertise along from the first hand. A lot of western males suppose that it truly is okay to greet Asian women with “Konnichiwa. ” The best way you can do is to technique these females in your indigenous language. Avoid accomplishing like Asians, as a consequence of this would not do the trick.

    This advanced and strong system is designed to improve your chance of assembly someone particular by checking each of our database to search out the very best candidates for yourself. #1 Cookware Livestreaming and Dating software the place you will discover ways to share your life with fresh pals, or get serious with online dating.

    You’re committed to helping you find the excellent match by providing simple evaluations and information about numerous on-line courting web sites. Our Cookware courting company is maintained the commissions of the companies which hyperlinks posted on the platform. Advanced search equipment account to search pertaining to singles simply by list tone, engaging attributes, common pursuits, and life aims.

    Following your feminine liberty campaign, they believe it’s the appropriate to search for sexual pleasure from one various other guy if their male companion or spouse isn’t suitable of connect with their wants. Asian wives will be ready to pay extra consideration for their husband’s involves, so almost all of00 them are unaggressive and easy. The custom made of “geisha” approved in Offshore practice trains women of all ages to satisfy the sexual requirements of respected males inside the neighborhood.

    It’s almost all nicely and good choosing the number one dating web site on the web but if it isn’t really popular in your area, you’re going to have a difficult time finding neighborhood matches. Look up dating sites that individuals are using in your area—unless, of course , you’d prefer to start lengthy distance. Gay romantic relationship websites and apps work together with its location-based providers. Right now the most popular gay and lesbian cellular iphone app, Grindr, lets you kind customers by range based on GPS place. EastMeetEast is probably among the high internet dating providers for women like us, and ladies can be part of free of charge, but men should pay for a complete a regular membership that includes instructed matches. AsianDating has been in the online dating marketplace since 06\. Many individuals don’t the success of on the web courting with Asian girls, and this website could be on your list too.

    96% of shoppers about Coffee Fits Bagel experience a Bachelor’s degree, whereas over a 3rd include a Master’s. The in depth profiles additionally make this a very good web site for intellectuals, simply because you’ll be able to find who stocks pursuits with you in many substitute areas. Bumble’s greatest intended for casual hookups like a outcome of your platform demands on speedy contact. When you meet, you’ve a day to make contact with that person, or the match disappears.