How to Tell if Your Wall Switch is Defective

If you notice that when utilizing your wall switch there is a crackle or popping sound when you turn it on then there must be something wrong with it. Wall switches are devices that are used to let the electric current flow and stop with the on and off switch. Eventually, because of wear and tear, the switches will no longer be functional, or even if it is it may be hazardous or even deadly to utilize. 

If you think that recently you’re having problems with the switches you have sometimes it doesn’t turn off all the way or sometimes it’s just off and doesn’t even turn on, there must be an electrical problem with your switch. Here are a couple of warning signs for a defective switch that is not easily noticed:  


  1. Light turning on is delayed 

This is one of the most common experiences you’ve had with a light switch. It’s when you turn it on and the light blinks for a while before completely turning on. These are called Temperamental lights. What happens is, because of wear and tear or deterioration over time some of the contacts are already failing. 

If this happens occasionally, you will need to replace the switch. Other possibilities are light fixtures not properly being connected or are loose, intermittent failure caused by short circuits and many others.  

      2. Switch sparks 

Have you ever tried switching the lights on, barefoot after taking a bath and then you got electrocuted? If you see sparking from the inside when you turn the switch off, that is normal. This is because of something called the “load arc” that happens when the current is jumping between contacts when they are pulled apart. 

If, however, the sparks are getting bigger and it starting to smell like burned plastic, or is emitting smoke then you will definitely need to replace the switch.  

       3. No clicking 

When you click the switch and instead of a clicking sound there’s a rough patch or it just glides this indicated that the toggle lever is wearing out and it needs replacement. A big warning that your switch needs to be looked into by an electrician is that if the switch starts feeling hot. This is a sign that there is a short circuit inside the switch and there is a loose wire touching the mount. 

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       4. Switch making noises 

If you’re also starting to hear weird noises coming from the switch when it’s on like clicking, popping, buzzing and sizzling then there may be something cooking in there, your wires. These sounds are indications that you will need to replace it.  

If in case, this is a light switch and the dimmer switch buzzes, investigate the light bulb instead. Dimming an area can make the light bulbs create a fizzing noise, this doesn’t need a switch replacement, it just needs a new bulb.